Nuffnang Blogopolis, A Conference

The screenshot above is the upcoming blogger conference by Nuffnang. I found it very interesting because it's a one good opportunity to meet people from the media industry. This workshop might be good for me to learn many ways of how to improvise my blog. (it's time).

Nuffnang invites influential socialites and media to present a talk during the workshop. The speakers are Xia Xue, James Yeang, Nara, Joseph Germani, Kenny Sia, Vivy Yusof, Eric Cruz, Lim Chee Wah, Carloz Nizam, Premesh Chandran, KY Speak, Huai Bin, Lionel Chin, Hui Wen, Ken Wooi, Maria Elena, and Sue Anna Joe.

Therefore, the classes is not FOC. Each person must pay Rm300 to join this workshop. In return, early birds will get a free web hosting  for 3 months by Exabytes. 

Now, I wish that money can drop from sky.

Hahaha ($__________$)


  1. quite pricy, and i opted a No when coming across the list of speakers..

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  2. I see Ken Wooi and Xia Xue there!! will go i got the money too =P

  3. Wow - that looks like quite the curriculum. It's a good thing there's lots of free info to benefit from until you get that money from the sky :) Here's making your blog as excellent as possible EV :D

  4. I have the same thought as well. PLEASE GIMME MONEY :3