Fab Birthday Week

The 10 Happiest Moment

I had a splendid birthday celebration last week with my friends, family and boyfriend. Here is a THANK YOU for wishing me by text and on my facebook wall.

Nadia + Me + Kelvin Tan + Reborn +  Iman

1# One of my colleague were leaving on my birthday and so as a good "boss" , ehems... I have to put up a so-called birthday cum farewell dinner at Unlce Jang Dak Gal Bi. Although he had left, I still miss him at work because he can do magic whenever I need help. First time have great time with colleague and wish can have the same moment again! The best part is whenever he is around, our topic automatically talks about dancing. Oh, I miss real dancing.

2# Another friend had left also which is Emma. Aww, I miss her so much too! We had velvet cake and soft crab spaghetti at Ben's. It's my third time visiting Ben's. They have really delicious wedges, cake and pasta. It's a must try but a little bit pricey.

Bern having good time eating cake

3# Few weeks ago, I was suppose to choose a product from FriendlyFashion. It took me so long just to find what I love. My heart stops when i saw the pastel flora bodycon dress from Lextraordinaire page and immediately message her. You know like how a shopaholic does? *nods* So happen that I receive it on my birthday week and wore it to see my boyfriend for our anniversary plus birthday celebration at Tony Roma's. Many people gave me positive feedback for that dress and it only cost Rm45. Cool huh.

4# My boss gave me a shock when he handed me a birthday present. I watch Devils Wears Prada and Jane In Design, but this act of his gave me a "aww, you are such a sweet boss!". Then again , because of one episode in Jane in Design where her boss gave her a Hermes and after she couldn't complete her task, her boss took back the Hermes. Well, I hope this does not apply to me. *gasp*

5# Celebrating with family is a tradition. We eat out and cut cake after that. This year I chose to eat my all time favorite baked potato in sour cream sauce at LoganHaus, Taipan. Add on Rum Raisin Ice-Cream Waffle for appetizer and after that indulge in phantom of the opera with lot's of macaroon. I slept with a smile to end the night with best present of the year JUICY COUTURE.


  1. lovely bday celebration there! :)

  2. very sweet birthday! ^^ all kinds of presents that a girl would like and loads of sweet indulgence ^^

    1. yesh!! all the sweet indulge! *jumps in a pool of chocolate* <3

  3. that's lots of blessings you get there ^^ Happy belated birthdae to you!

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