Looklet is CLOSING

 plan to wear a red long maxi like this for CNY

 I have been using looklet.com for my college assignments or to kill my boredom. Looklet recently decided to stop their user community service from January 31st ,2012 . That's a really sad news to all Looklet users. *sadface.jpg*. No idea what are they planning but they tell us to save all our looks that we created in their website. I was happy that luckily I didn't go to that extend to create a thousand looks using their props in looklet. One thing I like about looklet is that I can dress up a virtual model with awesome clothing and can capture 3 dimensional of the look.Plus, there's a tool like instagram that can apply effect to the picture. It's a very good tool for doing styling. I'm serious. I hope Looklet don't discontinue this service because it's very fun and useful service.

Anyway , here are some of my favourite looks that I've created and save to my achieve:


  1. Wow....those models look awesome!! Love it!!^^

    1. Yeah, I know right. The models are awesome. Been using them for my assignments.

    2. hey, how did you manage to save your looks?
      I wanna do that to, help me pleaseeeee :):)

    3. I manage to save mine before they close it. Sorry, I can't help you with that. =(

  2. hi! we are a new virtual styling site - GLAMSTORM.COM - with a growing community and exciting new features coming up: own body measurements, the option to upload own face pic and try on hairstyles and makeups. Looking forward to seeing you at our site. We are also on facebook.com/GLAMSTORM
    love, your GLAMSTORM team

  3. I casually discovered Looklet after it had closed its communities. However I've found a solution how to save pictures. You can adjust the window in the portrait orientation (cancel the full screen mode) so that the model would be visible completely, then press ALT+PrintScreen in order to copy the screen image in a particular window, after that you can insert the copied imade e.g. in Photoshop and crop it (delete all the extra frames).

    By the way, there's another similar website http://bemydress.ru but it's in Russian (in any way, you can use the online translators). Good luck!