Bracelets Knot Style

Hey peeps, I need some attention here about suggesting which knot do you like best for a bracelet that made with cord/string. I am planning to make a collection of charm bracelets that made out of cord/string but I am confuse which knot I should use for the bracelet.

This is example of a lucky bracelet that using the technique of sewing the bead Cris-cross cord to cord and it ends with a BUTTON. So all you have to do is button up the bracelet to your wrist. If I use this technique , I can have variety of button design for finishing.

The next one here is an example of double knot finishing . It is very common and simple to do and easy to wear.

The last one is a chain attach to the cord. This will have a chain hanging along your wrist if you wear this type of style.

So which one do you girls or guys love best? I would like to hear your suggestion. Thanks.

Update : Thanks everyone for the comments , looks like no1 is the 1st choice. Wait up and I'll show you guys my design. Stay Tune!


  1. I will vote for the first one, it won't be boring as you can use variety of buttons.
    2nd one is kinda boring and sometimes I dunno how I am confused not knowing which string to pull.
    I hate the 3rd one mostly because of the hanging tail.

  2. I like the first one, quite unique feeling! :)

  3. First one .

  4. Thanks for the suggestion. I am going for the 1st option.