Welcome to Yenniedoll's New Look!

RAWRRRRRRR!!!! At last , in all those years I've decided to change my blog layout. Not easy as it seems. I took the hard time transferring data back and forth and i lost all the blog list that I've compiled for years.Why a sudden change? Well, ever since i work, I realize 2 things. I need something simple and readable. Nobody will wanna see something that is too fancy but "not readable". My blog: small images. So , I find it hard myself to look at those pictures too. Nowadays I seen blogs with very huge images and I find it pleasant to see. Attractive! Even my name cards were very awkward that people cant see the text . *close eyes*.

anyway, it's going to be 2012! It's time for a change. *not world end*

In conjunction of launching my blog new look, readers of this blog gets to take home some freebies. I will be having a freebies giveaway contest every week til the end of the month.Stay tune and follow up this blog , Don't be miss!



  1. cool weyy! i like the header : walk like a leapard! =D

  2. Ken - Thanks . I love the Leopard skin so much .Now is with my fav color.

    Xue Ren - Hehe, glad you like it. Walk like a Leopard.

    Xing - Rawr backs!!

    Queennie- Hehe. <3