Spooky Halloween

Just checked some pictures i took from my mobile and this is what i found. teehee.
Holidays after holidays , in 1 more week Christmas is coming to town.
Oops. My Halloween mode is not over yet . Perhaps . It wont. 

Meaoooow~! to some readers , here is my favorite cat ears again ^_^ with my messy hair.

My craze for fake spiders will never end. 
Don't ask me why because i really don't know why when i see spiders ..
"I just like it". I'm a freak.

I've been spending my skills / time to decorate the living room. In case some kids ring the bell for some treats. Kids nowadays . I deco with my awesome fake spider web using white ribbon and sweets bought from "secret" place. Ahahahaha..... The treats are very ghoulish. Honestly , I even freak myself out when holding those lolipop bones! EEEeekss. 

For my Blogshop, I made treat bags design and drawn by me . Yes, It's a D& D.

 I am so proud of myself to accomplish so many different design !

So, what's up for christmas?

Maybe i should borrow "ARTHUR's " ship from ARTHUR's Christmas Movie.
(you will get it if you watch this Christmas animation cartoon)

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