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I have to blog this out because to me is a good news that i receive from my mail box. Even if i am not an email person, my blackberry forces me to read all 3 emails.I know right. Let's get back straight here, so my blogshop Concordia have been featured in their blogshop of the day. Actually , i ask them if they can list my shop at the directory but it was a surprise that they write about my vintage wood button flower ring.Well, Thanks to A Shopaholics Den .

If you planning to shop for Hari Raya, I almost forget that there's more and more holiday coming soon. So, I am extending to Hari Raya Sales. I still have so many new products that i haven't upload to the site, it takes time to take the right place and photoshop the lighting because the lighting can be uneven sometimes.

Phew. I will end here. =)

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