Amy Winehouse R.I.P

They try to make me go to Rehab, I said "No, No, No". Next time, if people ask you to go to rehab , don't say No, no , no. She died at the early age of 27 because of over dosage of drugs and alcohol , yesterday morning at her apartment in London. I was merely in shock to not believe that she died until Sun newspaper tweeted .Yesterday was a screwed up night when both blogging company hacked by some hackers and then Amy Death was so sudden.I heard from my boyfriend that she had "boo-ed" by her fans in her recent concert because she was overdose with alcohol. That's sad right.

My lecturer used to sing according to her tune "No, No, No" whenever we are doing some multimedia , um 3D rendering animation stuff. That is the time her rehab songs kept playing in my head.

Amy Winehouse could not be forgettable with her Fashion Icon and her talent in music which she has one of the most unique appearance in the history.


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