Smoothie New Look Makeover by Clinique

I was invited by Clinique to do a makeover in Midvalley. This is my 1st time having a makeover. few other bloggers were chosen as well such as Victoria and Vi Vian.

The new range is the smoothie look.

Was given a free frozen yogurt drink by SPOON.

My selection : Strawberry (i like strawberry )

master of the make-up artist ....
all CLINIQUE products.

My makeup artist had to remove my makeup before she apply the new makeup
(i know right , i should have not wear any makeup -.-, long story)

tadaa .. remove ..

There is no applying makeup picture but there's a after makeup picture! LOL


she apply foundation , eye cream , bb cream mix with the moisture and powder as a base.

Then she apply the eye liner and eye shadow

After that , she apply a tint of gloss on my lips.

I got a smoothie new look!

(look so different)

Sometime i can't recognize myself too~

I also took home a bag of CLINIQUE goodie bag with the products that the makeup artist use on my face.

I have been using it after that day .

CLINIQUE products are really good.

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