Benson Chen Masquerade Party

Benson Chen's Party were spread around by my friend Porchea and I felt guilty of not going with her , out of nowhere , i got the invites by Shiteck! Thanks =)

Because of you , i can accompany her there.

So here is Me and the young shoe designer , Benson Chen.
He is younger than me and yet he already become famous like a snap.
*i wish to be like him*

His shoe's , personally love his shoe's design.

I turned around and saw people doing some paintings
Fashion Paintings
Fashion Illustrations

after staring at the painters, there were interview with Benson Chen himself.

Amber Chia is one of the model guest that night

She is wearing one of Benson gladiator high boots

we had sushi from Sakae Sushi and wine after that .

*my 1st time drink wine is like a velvet blanket in my throat*

Here is Porchea and Me

after few minutes , a parade of male models holding Benson Chen shoe's

I can't tell if i am looking at the male or the shoes

They are hot. *_*

Since this is a masquerade party, everyone were dressed with their mask and some even won best dress during that night

One of them is

This guy

He is famous in PJCAD

I salute him because he can walk in heels like no feeling

Mich also won best dress


I love this shoe very much even if it is not wearable but it is kinda unique

one of the shoe that Porchea wants!

Rebecca came later

i had to rest my feet ~

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