Kate Spade Bags

I always have this habit of looking and buying fancy things. If I'm rich , i would already owned many of the things that i listed on my wish list. So what so good about Kate Spade? Her bags that are really eye catching with the shapes that she designed. Bags won't be any boring old square shape. The best thing about carry those fancy bags is to add a statement to monochromatic outfit. Means, with just plain outfit, these bags are the best tools to outshine the outfit.

Owl shape bag

Forget about those owls necklace and earrings. Make it Big !


Flamingo neck as a handle!!!

I can be the Queen Of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland.

The latest hit newspaper clutch !

Errrmmm. I must be loving newspaper so much that i even can see beauty by looking at it.

So i guess this is a MUST MUST item to buy for ECO Friendly Theme.

I- Phone cover

All the newspaper seems so cheap yet so fashionable??

But NO - NO to real newspaper! That is cheap.

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