The Birkin Eco Bag

"Berkin Bag from Taipei"

Eco friendly bags are so IN nowadays with those wonderful prints that make it a MUST BUY ITEM. Looks like there is a bag season going on since I'm spamming my blog with bags. That's it! I am planning to buy a new bag. *hinting mommy* Hehehe...

It all started when my classmate Aisya carried this Berkin bag to college today and this guy named Nima started to say how famous is this bag that everyone is dying to get it. So, i stare at her bag in front of me and i was so impressed how creative it is. Printed bag on a canvas is creative?

However , this trend is starting again . Like the infamous "I'm Not a Plastic Bag" Bag when everyone is dying to get it . Now it is super cheap RM 10 in the market when last time it is Rm 100 for it. So , do you think this bag will become RM 10 in 3 years time?

Candy colors is what I'm dying to get now! *too obsess here *. Each are worth Rm 99 - Rm 299. Many online boutiques are selling it like hot cakes now. *my friend say that i can buy it as low as Rm99 , so i hope still have stock!*... I want sweet pink .

Even the celebrities are modeling it!

Yay? Or Nay? Will you owned it?

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