Merry Christmas 2009

This year Christmas is much different comparing last year. Well, because i've spend most of my time with my family. Its good that i did not fall sick this time, so we had our dinner at Victoria Station, Taipan. I had a juicy Steak while the others ate Salmon mix with something.

On Christmas, you can find lots of choc's and Candy Cane served on the table. xD

And Christmas Tree

Haha, well underneath the tree, you can find present, That is MINE!!! WUAHA

Who says animals cant celebrate too?

So i got a Lip Balm ring , towel with pouch and The Rock Me Pefume. =D


Bern gave me a Starbucks Planner ...

Ps: New Year is coming real soon, i guess it will be different too.... xD

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