Finally its all done, HOLIDAY!

What a relieve !!!!! I can enjoy a week holiday , uh ... not really. I still have one assignment to do, which is the car sticker design. ( it's not hard, just that the lecturer isn't cooperative, im clueless what to do for the final product)

i know i've been missing from blogging and focusing alot on my assignments. I think it wont happen again the next sem because i will have more theory than practical. Because i will have accounts and economy. < - boring subjects ... what to do? if i want to open a boutique in the future *cough*.

The Operatic Clutch

Im happy because lecturer displayed it at the open day .. ^_^


This is one of the assignment i enjoyed doing....


its hard to do, but i love it.

Textile Reference Book

If i were to really publish a book, i also care about the cover / design of the book.

1 week of holiday isn't long for me because i have to have time to move to a new place and buy furniture. soooooooo troublesome. ishhh, i wish i dont have to buy , so that can enjoy my holiday xD


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