Welcome to my new place

It's time to say bye bye to Mr.B and he is belong to Jess. Yeap. Jess is no longer my roommate. I've been very busy packing , unpacking and planning.That is why there is a sudden M.I.A from this blogger. The blogger is Me. There's nothing wrong in between us (i miss you) , just that ...

it's never too old to learn anything

That's right, im studying at Raffles International College , used to known as Raffles LaSalle. BTW, it's in Ampang. Just a sudden, my dream come true. This is what i want in the 1st place to study Fashion but of cause Multimedia Design is very handy =) . I would like to take Fashion Design but sewing is not really my thing. I always sew by hand >_< . It's easy to draw it but its not easy to make it.So i decided to take Fashion Marketing.
So no more pj.... say bye bye to PJ

Mr.B hugging Redtard, awwww

The one whole family T_T


LOL, let me introduce my new place in Ampang

hoho... xD
guess which is my bed???
btw,the whole lot is fully air conditional.

mirror table aka multipurpose table and nice wardrobe

the bathroom with bathtub

the best part is that they have a swimming pool also

I dont think i have to show the living room too. Im happy to have a proper place to stay with a proper kitchen to cook. It's a good training for me to start cooking my own since it's good for the future and it's actually way cheaper than eating out. So far, i been making kebab , burger and rice with nuggets for this 2 days.BTW, i have a rooommate, she's from indonesia... but i havent take a pic with her ... *im a shy person to ask* .. maybe one day =P.

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