The modern baoz at Mr.Baoz

It's soooo nice having jess as a roommate as i can get to enjoy a meal of baoz with her and some blogger buddies. This is my 1st time eating Mr.Baoz. So, we went all the way to pavilion becauseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....

jeng jeng jeng

we have a bunch of vouchers that can only be use in pavilion.

*big grin*

the all you can eat baoz until the voucher finish..... @_@...

The lovely frosting , decoration, flavours....

are they yummy??

I love the fried baoz... ^_^ my favourite.

rating: the fried bao is a must have!

overall the rating is 8/10

I loveeeeeee cute packaging. I bought 2... xD

This is my ex-roommie... she eat baoz in style... want to eat like her?
step1: take a bao
step2: eat until almost reach the end...
step3: Leave it aside for decorations. xD

This is the result !!!! It looks like sushi to me. o.o

The group picture...

i *heart* my bloggie buddy.

They are crazyyyyyyyy and fun

ps: we have phobia of baoz after eating baoz only for dinner... but hey, we are happy =)

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