Who is your DREAMGIRL? MDG Grand Finale will be at The Curve

The final episodes of MDG 2 have ended and 3 girls have made it and that is Pinky, Juanita and Dawn. These girls will ROCK the stage tomorrow at THE CURVE 7pm.

So, Malaysia Judge wisely on who to be the next dreamgirl.

Great news is that i'll be there and i will get a better view than the rest .
Do you know which is my favourite?
i'll say after the commercial break xD

So , here are the girls which i judge on thier photo's.
The photo's are better than the MDG 1 but i can say that MDG 1 is better than MDG2 in terms of drama.

Contestant no 1 *drumrolls plz*


Pinky is a sweet cute girl that have a very sweet boyfriend. I hope her mom acept him. =(

She have a petite size body but she can pose very well.

Pinky is being Pinky, she doesnt speak fluence english. I can tell that she is chinese educated by the way she talks. xD

She look very sweet in this picture

I think she can do well in Chinese magazines

The angle is so perfect for this hairstyle

Look very chic (rihanna?)

Hmm, this pose is abit too ...

FUHH, i love this. Like tiger.

Err.. (dotz)

She look abit confuse in this picture which doesnt look good ..

I love this picture.. look very glam

Hmm, not sure what she's trying to do here.

"This is MY CAR" Lansi Look

This is my fav pic among all with the sweet look

do you feel the fantasy? Yes ? NO?

The Final shot..
I think she can win the Title from this picture
She look very wild @_@


Juanita looks like a typical pretty indian girl but she has the X factor for modelling
This girl can pose well depends on the enviroment.
She has a good communication than the rest

She is so slimmm........

Can i hear Ela ela ... umbrella? ^_^ she nail it

She look very natural and sexy at the same time

WHoaaaa, HYPER!!!

Is this suppose to be a GIRL on THe castle kinda thing??

One thing i dont like about this picture is the pipes are so dirty with a classy looking outfit.
I can feel like she's telling me "Hey you, what are you looking at? work now! "

This picture fulls of mystery


I love this pic of hers. Feels like wedding and luxurious.

This will be nice in some IKEA catalog xD

Is she wild enough in this picture?


She's a girl who talks ALOTTTTTT .. Very bubbly . smiley and funny.
The said that she feel the enviroment to pose a picture.

She look like Adele in MDG 1

but she speak better english

Love her long hair

short or long hair doesnt matter,
she still does it well
and that is called

haha, this 1 reminds me of pumpkin or watermelon.

She looks cute with the big bow

I love this picture!!! Its the best

Look at her bubbly personality

Um, Not enough energy... xD

workaholic.. she is DA BOSS

she did not do well here
Um, what is she trying to do??? >_<...

" You like my snake?"


So who do i choose???

To me all 3 are best of the best. But i can only choose 1.


I'll choose




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