LG Angel Devils party

Picture Stolen from dusty

Me dress as a sexy devil with Vox aka Victoria as Pink Devil

She is my MUI

Yeah, enough of RC... I HAD ENOUGH...

*no i didnt*

Its time to Blog about The LG Blog Launch party that i've been delaying for so long.

*ok, not really that long*

There's alot i wanna blog about .. It's NOT a boring event ok. I enjoyed alot that time, and i was amaze how GENG is my mui dancing skill.. xD

The food was really nice, i really taste it even my throat is pain like there's a needle stuck at my throat.

I feel really sad that day because~


here is our group Pix

This post gotta be very long, so i'll just break into parts .. xD
Anyway, for those who took picture of me , especially my portrait pic.. Pls send it to me or leave ur blog link here if it's in your blog. Thanks...
Im currently searching for few pictures that i cant find anywhere, but i knew they took it. T_T

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