I LOVE KFC FLAVA ROAST [wangsa maju]

I went all the way to WANGSA MAJU just for KFC FLAVA ROAST!!!

Mission Complete. =P

Yeah, Sadly it's Not available in all KFC outlets. T_T

There's 1 day i and jess went to KFC near our house, but.... they don't have KFC FLAVA... SAD

So, that night i even dreamt about going to KFC just for the new chicken flavour.

Can you believe i can tatse it from my dream??? haha, when i tried the chicken, it was expected that it will tatse like honey , percik... Ayamas chicken.

Here is the group pic of us having fun while trying the Tatse of the newly launch
the only shocking thing was ... they actually camwhore more than 100 pictures after eating KFC flava..
I think KFC flava has some secret ingredient that makes them so hyper, LOL.
ps: i'll post up some more pictures of us camwhoring with KFC flava. =P

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