Have you heard of "SHIT BOX"?

I got to know this from my ex. LOL, he actually cheer me up with something that is very cute.
Once i open this site, i was like " wow, this is something i can blog about".

Anyway what is a shit box? A box full of shit? A box made of shit ? xD

Introducing the "SHIT BOX" . It's a portable box for you to shit in it and after you shit.. you trow it to the grass??? Then where to trow? But they say that it comes with a poo bag.. HMmm
It's good for Festival, Camping, Building sites, Fishing, Traveling, Kids (you know kids)..
Hmm, what about in the car? LOL...

This is how the "SHIT BOX" looks like

and its costly .. OMG

This is step by step on how the shit box transform.. *transformers*
You pop the box, fold it , until it becomes a shit box.
And when you cover the lid, It become a STOOL.

For more info about this shit box,
Login to http://www.thebrowncorporation.com/

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