Fast n Furious Movie Premiere

This is what happen during april fool day x_X

because my roomie get an invite to the Fast and Furious movie premiere, i was drawing circles at the corner there wishing i get to join roomie for the movie too.

Then, suddenly Joshuaong msn me, the conver start like this :

Joshua: hey , u there?
Me: yea
Joshua: Would you watch movie with me?
Me: serious?
Me: WTF!
Joshua: really wan la..friend FFK me.
Me: O_O i hate april fool day

and then zhao have a hard time finding the way to my place to pick me up.
So, we end up reaching late and i had to tahpao my hotdog =(

Thanks to Nuffnang and Joshuaong for the tickets... and zhao for the ride

Yat, zhao, Jess, Me

Me, Cathy, and Jess

Sue, Me and Jess

zhao, Me, joshuaong, andrew , yat and jess

Group Picture before yamcha

Hikaru, Andrew, Copykate, Joshuaong, Kelvin, Sue , jess , yat and Me

Movie Review:
Lot's of actions , lot's of fire and hot babes plus the guys very cun =P

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