Chill Out with DSX and Audrey before Music Bash @ Curve

Early morning , i had to wakeup to pre - ready for the music bash. One thing about being with jess and because im single now, my life have been getting really busy -_-. We are like super glued to each other, lol. So, she told me that we had to go lunch with them. Yeah, it suppose to have about 6-8 of us, but end up only 4 of us, yeah, all FFK us. SAD. While walking along the streets in curve, my eyes immediately hook up with that COOL LOOKING GRAPHIC TEE.. and guess what??!! I bought it! rm24. TEEHEE..

We were heading to Kenny Rogers (i really Pokai d T.T).

And then we meet DSX and audrey there. =D

I ordered Spaghetti and Ice lemon Tea

while the others order roast chicken.

Being a typical blogger, we take picture of the food 1st then only we will start to dig in our food.

I know that my pictures looks different these days, thanks to Jess my roomie for teaching me how to enhance my pictures. =)


But i hate the muffins .. =X

After our feast... we start to


Audrey trying to cover herself.. aww cute

Jess showing off her roast chicken =P

Me and my yucky muffin ..

Lovely couple, dont you think so??

Jess always being.haha.. (don't worry , she's harmless in real)

The Charlie's Angels : Jess , Me and Audrey

Jess and Audrey

After that, we went to The Streets to see more stuff...

and later we decided to go to New Zealand Natural for a dessert..

I ordered my fav choc and vanilla plus choc chunks. (i love choc)

Jess and Audrey Ordered Smooties..

Looks so nice right???

Our group photo

.. guess what??

The waiters bring the smooties to the table but they didn't ask for the payment..

then , we actually show our face many times infront of them . But after jess and i heading to the car
park, the new zealand natural guy came and ask for the payment..LOL..what the ... hahah...

THIS IS REAL CANDID..hahahahahahah

After that, me , jess and some special guest went all the way to KL for the music bash.

so, catch my next post on NUFFNANG MUSIC BASH '09 by maxis broadband.

Me as Ashlee Simpson ^^

and yea, i paint my nails BLACK for this event

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