MDG season 2 is back in action

For those who follow Malaysian Dream Girl season 1..Guess what? Season 2 is ON now.

Lets see,

There are few changes between season 1 and season 2..

- The video editing is better but the sound quality is still not so good
-The hot girls are starting to appear now because of the variety of audition places.. Hmm, guess they wont have Cindy No.2?

-Really funny parts in the video..

-No kennysia as judges which is better
-They change the audition to be more like American Next Top Model which is abit better.
(i wish they should go to another round which can show their skin)

-The girls in MDG 2 is SHY and NO confident (most of them cant talk)

-Lot's of girls show their talent (Hello? this is model competition ,not superstar, malaysia idol or malaysian got talent -_-' )
-2 malay girls wearing 'tudung' .. and 1 got in which is good also cause, they so brave to show up on TV =)

- Some girls wear too over ... like slut

- Got 1 girl sesat case... =_= but at least she go all the way there to try out.

here is one thing i want to say is...

WHY some girls who don't have the body.. yet join modelling competition? Don't they think it's a waste of time? Don't they feel out of place?

After watching the 3rd episodes, i went to check some of the links on the sites.. and guess what?
they already pick the 12 ...wuahhh @_@ im so outdated.

anyway... go to to watch the show =)

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