Things to change in 2009

I know many people have resolutions. But i dont have because i know that if i put it in a list, i will either forget about it or i will just ignore it, or maybe it wont happen cause of some obstacles. So i rather let my life be a very random type. :)

It's not that really random but i just keeps everything in mind.

Things to change in 2009

- I wanna study the correct course for my degree. It looks like i rather take multimedia design as my hobby instead -_-. I love to do web design and web graphics, but i also like packaging, product design.. something related to fashion. ( i have no comment on this, but maybe it will change, maybe i will stuck in Multimedia)

-Well, i need to change some of the items in my blog. I think plurk and the doll thingy took lots of space in my blog.( what do you think?) and also i will put alot infomation that are missing in my blog.

-Usually i blog on the same day, now im thinking that i should always make a draft.

-I really really need to practise my singing. I stoped for 2 years, and now even my sis forgot i use to sing, wth. -_- seeing people who can sing so great on youtube makes me feel so small. >_< - I've just started blogging and i have tons of outdated things that i havent blog about. So , you might see alot of post from the past.

-I want to full fill my dreams. (people will go like, eh? what dreams? It's actually means that i want to make my dream not a dream, i want to make it happen)

- I need to get my driving licence

So, this is the end of it.. boring post eh?

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