Dragon-i at 1U with god mom

This is a very old post that suppose to be in the 2008. Anyway, who cares about the date and time you blog? So, on the x-mas week, saturday. Me , my parents and my god mom went to dragon-I for gathering. Well, im not allowed to put their pictures here, but i have the pictures of the food.

Their specialty is the siew long pao..

well, this is all the food my god mom recommended.

And i rated 10/10 especialy the pork on the far right and the basket with chicken on the far left.


They suppose to give this to everybody, but they only give to my brother -_-

I tought of trying this pao, since it look so cute but its Red bean pao, i wonder how it tatse like.

After dinner, me and my parents went to Baskin Robin for desert then..i ordered my favourite all time choc with choc chunks and my mom she ordered blueberry, but it looks like it had too much coloring.

BLUE ICE-CREAM..@@ BTW, they also have in striking yellow and orange.

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