Sweet & Sour Christmas

Went to MV (Midvalley Magamall) with my parents. My bf gets to join our family outting but something happen..it wasn't a good starting day. Stuck in the traffic for half an hour just to find a parking space. -_- Worst comes to worst is that i forget to bring my money along, so i have to ask my parents for money. Cause Me and my bf will be having our own time. ( haha, the money is for buying his gift). Ever since my dad drive this brand new proton persona. I often get car sick if travel to far places. -_- i dont know why.
When i step into MV, I felt so dizzy that i feel like vomiting. Then when i see MV is crowded with people, i start to get more and more dizzy. I thought im sick ,but its actually CAR SICK. My parents planned to eat tommy or tony romas for lunch but since of my situation, they call it off. We eat in some thai restorant instead. I ATE PORRIDGE for CHRISTMAS ..oh god. After lunch, i felt much better after dinking tea. Yeap, TEA is refreshing. So, after lunch, me and my bf went our way... and my parents and my sibling went the other way.

The worst part is that MIDVALLEY IS SO PACK ... WORST THAN SG.WANG

going into jusco is the most terrible situation. I dont know why they need to use their breast to push people ....and then some more they are auntie. There is 1 auntie keep molesting people. aiyo.. gross la..

haih, food court and jusco really horror.

I love the gardens. At least i can take some fresh air there.

oh ya, dear went to starbucks to buy dark cherry mocha flap , its quite nice, more like java chips with cherry's.

Well, my mom was taking lots of picture of the decoration, while i didn't take any cause i didn't bring camera and i didn't use my latest handphone. (so there is no picture of deco for now, will ask my mom for it).

As for my Christmas present, i was craving for this doodolls aka retards plushies. I heart the red 1. I really heart it cause last time when i was a kid, i used to have some imaginary palls.. well, yeah.. i actually name all my plushies and also i created this red character. HAHA, actually this red pall name is Crazy and it have characteristic. But it's totally different from the doodolls characteristic.

Just because this red plushie look so alike with my imaginary pall.. i soOOOo wanted to have it.. memorable ma.

*drumrolls please*

Let me present my one and only...

(kiss kiss pose)

(sad and happy pose)

Will post up few more picture on the next post xD

and guess what i ate for Christmas???

1st time in my Christmas celebration.....

PIZZA HUT (just because i am too tired to go out)

Sigh, i get complains from my sis and bro cause i spoil the christmas dinner @@!! *runs*

stay tune to my another outting at 1U~ NEXT

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