My Imaginary pal is ALIVE!

Her name is CRAZY

personality: she is a very crazy crazy character.. who loves to rock n roll xD

her fav food is red bean pao ( dun ask me why, cause i have no idea)

She have a hubby that is similiar to her and its orange color.

THIS IS MY IMAGINARY PAL PROFILE, its nothing to do with the doodolls profile.

LOL, who says grown ups cant have imaginary pals??? for me, its a character that i create long time ago.. and i love it. and now , i dont know who is the designer but... haha , the designer can read my mind ah? go and design exact look the same as my imaginary pal -_-.

This soft toy is actually from doodolls Tm . Its available in malaysia.

you can find many dif character in the website. ITS CUTE & ADORABLE. Im sure most girls and guys will love this new product. check it OUTz..


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