X-mas Gathering with sis and buddies

On 20/12/2008

My dad pick me and my sis up to sunway pyramid at around 11am. ( i was so late)

rumi- what are you wearing?
me- Colourful
rumi - "...."

Then meet them up in starbucks and said hello..

So, I have to acompany my sister for awhile and need to dump them for awhile to buy a gift for her .. ehem "friend".. We also plan to exchange gift. I just randomly go to any gift shop and buy something.

I bought a piggy handphone chain... SO CUTE!!!!

me- " i want for myself, T.T"

then i saw 1 compact mirror shape as a choc cookie, so cute and cheap leh...

( didn't take pic)

Then later we head to missy-T.. there all girly stuff ma... then so =="""" her friend spot us there.. paiseh.. me and my sister hurry to the cashier and pay.

Then later i meet the buddies at starbucks again

i was like. HAR???!!!! 4 of us only????

all of them , blinking there eyes... O,O""

they ask " eih, why wear so colourful ?? you joining the cosplay ah???"

So there is this 1 guy name zhao, so leng zhai but then so tall... O_O he is our photographer...

His job is to snap snap n snap... Seriously this is my best outting la.. cause i talk alot..


Sitting in starbucks like 1 hour plus... AND we dont even have any idea what to eat.. memang syiok sendiri...

then the most funny thing is we gather in 1 place and discuss what to eat.. -_-""

first they start to talk about those restorant that we cant effort.. including SHOGUN smmore.. siao.. then later bernard says " we go MCD la, cheapest of the cheapest" -_-"

Then later , some1 suggest mamak. I was like , HAR??? mamak? then why we gather here, swt ..

At the end we end up in a chinese restorant..

I ate Kuey Teow Soup.. while my sis and her friends eating pizza hut

After lunch and chit chat ... and looking at the decorations

We watched "YES MAN"

The man who always says yes to anything. Its a motivation movie. Very funny. Its a MUST WATCH

rating is 4 star =)

After movie, we went to yogult berry ( i know, so enjoying life)

I pick strawberry and choc chips. yummy!!

We started to exchange gifts.. and guess what??


After that, we go shopping.. then i spot..


I've been searching for this high and low.YESSHHHH

Later we actually went up and down , left and right to search for birthday present for a girl.

We went to DIVA... Then , we bought a necklace . worth rm 3?.?? haha wont tell you. Secret. Very expensieve. And i bought the box for RM3..

Later, her friends went back and we waited for our parents to come.

We ate Mahathan Fish market for dinner AND....

My Last wish come true!!!!





Dad buy me a new handphone . SE W910i

My louya handphone turn into a butterfly xD

Erm, that is my early x-mas present =P

and this is me, so tired.. zzZZz went back at 10pm

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