Happy New Year 2009 ( My freaking 100post)

Wishing Everybody Happy new Year 2009!!! WOOTS *make some noise*

And also I would like to announce that this is my


In this new year i would like to blog about the

Memorable things in the year 2008!!!!!
it can be sweet and sour moments

1# Joined Inter College Model Search Contest and got in to the next round but didn't get in to the final cause of some skin condition when modeling in swimsuit. Well at least i tried =)

2# My marketing project was selling badges, we sold alot of them and still have stock ( going to sell it in here soon) .. these are the badges that i design ..

3# 1 of my friend got pissed and ignore me for like 3 months.. and now we are back together =)

4# I learned that never simply give money to something which you cant afford like exp true fitness.

5# I didn't get to follow my parents to USA but i get to get them to bring back stuff from disneyland and some products that im craving for. Items that i crave for is abercrombie, designer bags and lip smackers !!

6# I finaly open my own blog!!!! Sometimes i really need to write down about my life.

7# I joined nuffnang

8# Does My internship in some small company.

9# Glad that i didn't go to some cheap so called prom in my college where they wear too simple.
Luckily i and my friend did not buy a rm300 dress -_-

10# Got free tickets to House Bunny , and i get to meet Ringo in person aka malaysian dreamgirl finalist.

11# This is the year i try mascara , and i love it.

12# I have became to addicted to chatting ala new hobby.

13# Worst Halloween ever , fell down and now i still have the scar. Plus my friend ditch me cause no transport -_-.

14# I fell like im getting shorter day by day .. ouch

15# Became famous for some ridiculous zebra-leopard thingy. Just because i wear like a zebra is on top of leopard.

16# My mom bought me the weirdest witch hat from disneyland and it light up.

17# I made treats for Halloween (too bad some people didn't get it)

18# I had my cheapest rebonding in my life and its not straight!(RM160)

19# After eating Italian food in italianese, i have 2nd thought of going to Italy.

20# My hair straightener broken.. T_T last for 4 years

21# 1st time ate pizza for Christmas, usually we eat roast chicken/turkey.

23# Vocalist for my bf band *woots*

24# 1st time i recorded myself singing with my digicam but im still very shy to post it up *blush*

25# Once i start blogging, i started to take pic of almost anything.

26# I have a new handphone for my christmas present!!!

27# Some people ask me to do blog layouts for them..

28# Best birthday present and best christmas present from my bf =) ps: its a handbag and a retarded plushie .

29# I forced to buy a colorful tee just to wear it for pro practise class (this lecturer always ask us to wear dif theme every week)

30# 1st time ate 1 whole large pizza (very syiok)

31# My fav sour candy is now colorful @@!

32# Experience Paintball

I think this is all ~

2009 here i come

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