Malaysian Dreamgirl Season 2

Omigawd... Season 2 is coming SOON. So yeah, i watched season 1. And sadly it sucks. Why? The judges way of judging, the model they choose, the brainwash drama, Didn't meet the dateline, Voting system, .... and etc

So whats with season 2? Will they do the same mistake?I HOPE NOT. Cause it really does make me embarrass of my own country.

But Hold On , even if the show is sucks at the 1st time, doesn't mean it will be the next. So, I hope many REAL leng lui come and join this event. So, the judges wont have hard time choosing. =) Alright?

So, what to do now while waiting for audition? PREPARE!

Basically, MDG is a online model search reality show and of cause you watch it online. They will pick 12 finalist and These finalist will be staying together in a So-called Dream House for 10 weeks. They have to compete to prove who is the best actress

Come try out for the audition near you, if you got what it takes to be a model -wannabe

now MDG is going nationwide

Date 13 Dec 08
Time 10am - 5pm
Venue Bayview Hotel, Georgetown

Date 14 Dec 08
Time 10am - 5pm
Venue Impiana Casuarina Hotel

Date 20 Dec 08
Time 10am - 5pm
Venue Hotel Selesa

Date 10 Jan 09
Time 10am - 5pm
Venue Impiana KLCC Hotel & Spa

The next Malaysian Dreamgirl will stand to take these home

and you know what??? YOU ARE SAFE..

Kennysia is not going to be the judges =)

Elaine Daly

Lim Jimmy

Andrew Tan

Julie Wong

(why so serious?)

what i learn from the 1st season?

1) Money = Win ( as ussual)

2) They look at your outfit! most of the time

tips: So make sure you dress properly before going to the audition. Make sure you look like you are hawt chick. Not some girl on the street punya are not going to a pasar pagi (market). -_-And not only outfit matters..your appearance are the NO1 thing. Make sure your hair is well done, your nails are not chip, your makeup is like done by pro - but not too much make up. and lastly, show wear something that can show your body shape =)

WTH? Im such a MODEL WANNABE -_-

(ps, im not joining)

so after this post, i will be updating more about MDG.. so stay tune to my blog for hot gossips.

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