My 1st Illustrated Banners

I use to look at graphic student work and ask myself how can they illustrated this?
Well, the key is not about skill's but i found that if you believe you can do it, you can.
It's all about confident. In here i will feature the one that i did for myself and one for my client is venessa.

Self Illustration

The nice part of this layout is that i transform myself into a illustrated look alike doll. Because my site name is yenniedoll. Which i have to look more dollie kind. The other parts are photoshop =)

Fashion Illustration

Have you been to Venessa blog?
Yup, i specially design for her.
The best part of this layout is the shoe,which focus on her site name black stilettos
Yes, The shoe was from a REAL shoe!

Note: I dont do layout for free

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