Google game (ABOUT ME)

Lets Play A Game

*Google Ur answer!*

I been tag by a friend of mine , JTV.... LOL... Now its my turn, bring it on!

Bassically I will have this questions bout me and search it in Google Image search engine.

Terms & Condition:-

*Your image has to be at the first page of results with ur anwer in Google Image search engine,
and do it with a minimal explanatory of the image

*Tag 5 other ppl as u desire to do the same thing... is that simple!!!

1) the age you'll be on your next birthday
OMG, im going to be so old soon... look im dusty

2) a place you'd like to travel to:
ITALY babey!!!

3) your favourite place:

4) your favourite food:

5) your favorite pet:

I dont have 1 but i want to have a dog like cheesie ^^wtf

6) your favourite colour combination:

Erm, dont look at me like that. I LOVE this color

7) your favourite piece of clothing:

hmm, skinny jeans?
BTW, i love this style

8) your favourite song:
Hero - Mariah Carey
There's a hero in everyone :)

9) your favourite tv show:
CSI , love investigation!

10) first name of your significant other/crush:
I USE TO SCREAM when i see his face.. -.-

11) the town in which you live:
subang jaya ....

12: your screen name/nickname:

13) your first job:
I don't have a job, but a bf.. @@

14) your dream job:
I want to be the devil..muahahhaa

15) a bad habit you have:
I hate to tidy

16) your worst fear:
Car crash/ EPIC FAIL?

17) the thing you'd like to do before you die:
I want to travel the world :)

And that's all ABOUT ME in Pictures.. lol
Play along, now im gonna tag 5 people.
*chris Thoo aka duduman
btw, i dont care everybody is allowed to play this game. LOL

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