Pasar pagi at PJCAD

YES! Now its my junior time to do their "marketing"

its part of their project /assignment.

I just drop by my college to "38" sampat = busybody , kacau (disturb)my junior =P

How to go to my college? its actully near pj hilton .. next to pj victoria station =X

opposite stamford college.

anyway we have two wings.. which 1 is the old wing ( next to victoria station )

and new wing (next to syahid, some mamak .. its further up more but you can see 1 big butterfly)

Here is the map :

There have 3 store selling food and 1 store selling stuff

the 1st store :

they have spagetti ,toast bread and Lim Chee kang... (wow they actually print a banner )

the 2nd store i visit ( the place i used to sell my badges)

Strinking plastic keychain, u can customize what pic you want to put, your darling or wat so ever.

this is a couple cup.. erm oly for decoration. but you can use it if you want. How sweet!

Couple Tees!!! How cute is that

Want your own web hosting but have trouble to pay online. Buy this oly for rm99

The 3rd Booth:

Cant get enogh of J.Co and dunkin donut?

what about this mini size chocolate topping donut. Each rm0.50

Ready to get a hot Tan.

The last booth:

On my batch, 1 group did bubble milk tea and they hit the target. And now, they are back.

They not only selling bubble milk tea but also...crispy chicken! and fries!

Date: 25-29 august
Pasar Pagi Time: 9am-6pm
Vanue: New Wing (next to syahid)

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