Shoes! Shoes! SHOES

Why girls so obssess with shoes?

you ask me?

We just have no idea why its the great piece for the whole lot outfit. because it set mood to your outfit. you can just look different with different pair of shoes,gosh.

usually i only have 1 pair (1 pair) and now....

pic:glamour shoe(like for wedding),white bow(everyday outing), sandals(thats hot NOW!,comfortable too),heels and ballet flat

i need to change shoe like.... EVERY SEMESTER

yeah,got so kua zhang

so...i've got different shoe for different outtings-->

  • formal
  • semi formal
  • everyday yet comfy n style
  • glamour
  • random shoe

eh,shoe getting cheap these days n spoil fast k....-,-

u see Eva...OMG,so many shoes..

whats HOT this season is:

its really really on the trend dont fancy much the gladiator shoe...its too i pick dont have to buckle here and there,and it have some decoration..edgy you can wear it vice versa..with skinny..dress or anything...

you see,everything is sparta now,after that 300 movie...-__-

so enough with the shoe already,next stop on fashion 101 The best Mag for fashion & only fashion!

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