SKINZ Girls Day Out Blogger Workshop

Sometimes when life gets too busy, we tend to forget our skin and only realize after lines start appearing. I received a special invitation by Wipro Unza Sdn Bhd to attend SKINZ beauty blogger workshop at Garden Lifestyle Store & Café, Sunway Pyramid. The workshop session began with a brief introduction for SKINZ INFINITE and SKINZ UV WHITE by Dr. Anjalee Nair. They provided us with sample products to try while Dr. Anjalee Nair conduct the workshop. 

About 5 bloggers there at the beauty workshop together with Malaysian local celebrities such as Nurul Wahab and Hannah Lo. Both of them are gorgeous! Nurul Wahab, a singer and ambassador for SKINZ was there to share her experience by using SKINZ INFINITE. She advices woman age 20 and above to start using anti-ageing products as it can help to renew, regenerate and reinforce the skin. SKINZ INFINITE age-defying system can penetrate all 3 layers of the skin, targeting skin's stem cells and stimulating regeneration. It takes minimum 2 weeks to notice the difference and feel smoother, brighter and younger!


Bio-StemCell Activator
Powerful combination of nature and science that kick-starts your skin’s self-renewal process, increasing skin’s elasticity as well as improving tone and radiance.
Toco-Retin A
Patented formulation that speeds up cell regeneration and promotes collagen synthesis to combat future skin damage.
Powerful antioxidant that strengthens the skin barrier to protect against free radicals, building good skin structure and delaying photoageing.

Hannah Lo, an emcee and model shared her experience after using SKINZ UV WHITE. She appeared very glowing white on that day; the product must be effective too! SKINZ UV WHITE advance formula achieves the 10 dimension of radiant whitening – e.g. fairness, dark spots reduced, inner clarity & glow, luminosity, radiance, translucency, even tone, hydration, moisture look, smoother & firmer. SKINZ UV WHITE Radiant-Gene Activator, it is a potent complex of Sakura Extract & Lipo-Vit C that activates lightening at the heart of your skin cells. It penetrates deeply into the skin cells to inhibit the effects of melanin, creating even lighter skin tone. Also protects from UVB & UVA damage, reducing pigmentation & dark spots.

After beauty sharing session, songstress Nurul Wahab dedicated some songs and even asked us to sing along. Guess who is the lucky one to do a duet? It's .... Caroline from! I was almost out of voice when it's my turn to end one song. Woops! hehe. The event ended with scrumptious buffet from Garden Cafe. All us lucky bloggers took home SKINZ infinite and UV White products and it will be review soon on this blog. So watch out!

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  1. Look at all those pretty bloggers and celebrities :)

  2. omg! hannah is so pretty there!!! how i wish i can meet her in some events too! =X