x 3 Monday Blues

Last week was a very crazy week for me because of the Islamic Fashion Festival. I was helping out at the backstage, it turned out what seem to look fabulous on television is not real! It is indeed a very tough job when dealing with the designers, models, makeup artist and dressers. At the end, we put up a great show and dances to 'waka-waka' after the finale. We had fun! Thanks to the country that I'm living, we have 2 public holidays this week which is Tuesday and Thursday. Everyone loves holiday but having an off and on day is just making me feel lazy to go to work every 'on' day. So, I didn't spend much time to think how to style my office attire and went there with a lazy outfit, eg: jeans + blouse. And Friday, a flip flop to work!
I spent my holiday like heaven! Tuesday was one of the best day with FREE drinks from Starbucks in conjunction of celebrating Deepavali. It was also a day where we get to watch a one day special screening Coldplay concert movie in cinema.It was an awesome day also because I bought a blue tiger loafer! Oh no, I just realize the color is blue, like my Monday Blue syndrome.

My boyfriend then planed to do a photography on Thursday (the 2nd holiday). It may sound silly but we did a photography of a ROCK. Yes, a rock. ._. Um, the photography was a success! (shhh,I almost lost the sunlight)

Til Then
Happy Weekends ^_^


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    1. Thanks Isaac, you must happy everyday yeah!

  2. The ROCK is a great poser eh since the photography is a success? :P