Moments Of Smart Luxury captured by GC

The story of GC is the story of Paul Marciano, founder of the GUESS fashion and Lifestyle Empire, an entrepreneur who aspired to greatness and made his dreams come true. The Gc brand values reflect Paul Marciano’s personal attitude and lifestyle. Gc is the story of entrepreneurial men and woman driven by the joy of self expression. It is about people who feel good about themselves when they look at their own accomplishments. Confident and ambitious, dynamic and passionate about what they do. 

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On 8th of November, Gc watches unveils its inspirational creative project, Moments Of Smart Luxury captured by Gc, at the Gardens Mall concourse. The event presented four Malaysian rising stars that were chosen to represent the campaign: Actor Remy Ishak, Fashion Designer Khoon Hooi, Musical Composer & Director Lee Sze Wan and Fashion Entrepreneur Izrin Iz.

Moments of Smart Luxury captured by Gc is a global artistic photography project in collaboration with famed New York based Brazilian photographer, Pino Gomes. He captures the essences of Smart Luxury in his subjects that evoke a sense of success and personal achievement. The project embodies the personality and characteristics of the Gc brand-qualities like ambition, dynamism, confidence and never-give-up attitude.

Photographer, Pino Gomes
Mr John Marcheschi

Deborah Henry gave us a warm welcome before introducing an evening’s address by General manager of FJ Benjamin Lifestyle Watches, Ms Kuang Ming Woon, followed by a speech by Senior Vice President, International Sales & Marketing of Sequel International, Mr John Marcheschi.

From Left - Ms Kuang Ming Woon, Izrin Iz, Lee Sze Wan, Mr. John Marcheschi, Khoon Hooi, and Remy Ishak

 GC watches

After the speech, they showed a behind-the-scenes look at the genius behind Pino Gomes work with Malaysia’s Moments of Smart Luxury Rising Stars through the exclusive video presentation, Capturing Moments of Smart Luxury.

Actor Remy Ishak
The personalities themselves were then revealed onstage and in the flesh by Deborah Henry, with Remy Ishak,Khoon Hooi, Izrin Iz and Lee Sze Wan detailing their personal triumphs, successes and their personal "Smart Luxury" moments.

Actor Remy Ishak, the first to interviewed on stage , he said "My personal Smart Luxury moment is when my acting gains recognition from the audience and fans as it gives me a sense of satisfaction that I've succeeded to immerse fully into my role".

Izrin Iz from Innai

Izrin Iz, is a fashion entrepreneur who started selling batik fabric in flea markets and has been credited for championing the use of local batik fabric with contemporary design through her own label INNAI. 
She debut an exclusively design batik print inspired by Gc timepieces and it was designed into an elegant Cheongsam worn by a model during the evening. 

"My Smart Luxury moment would have been when my mother handed down the business to me, the opportunity that she gave me which is the spark that leads to everything I have achieved now" - Izrin Iz

Fashion Designer Khoon Hooi

Khoon Hooi, is a multi award winning fashion designer who appeared on the KL fashion scene. His designs have a romantic appeal with an avant-garde silhouette. He presented his specially made designed gown for hostess Deborah Henry.

"Fashion is now my life, part of my world. Every collection that I've designed and completed and seeing it being featured in shows & receiving rave reviews and feedback from buyers and the media is my Smart Luxury moment" - Khoon Hooi

Music Composer, Lee Sze Wan

Lee Sze Wan, an upcoming musical composer & director who works with musicals such as P.Ramlee & Puteri Gunung Ledang. She has been working closely with international artiste such as Fish Leong for her concerts worldwide.

"Working with international artists & musical productions, getting recognition & appreciation of my work is definitely my very own Smart Luxury moment" - Lee Sze Wan

After sharing her smart luxury moment, she walked to her piano to performed a special composition for the Moments of Smart Luxury campaign.

Jazz Singer, Atilia

The evening continued  as Malaysia renowned singer, Atilia were invited on stage to performed a string of jazz to serenade our souls.

The exhibition will continue at The Gardens concourse with Gc timepieces being showcased throughout the weekend.

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