H&M, H+M , H and M?!!!! YES! H&M, the brand that most Malaysian or the whole world  talking about is finally opened in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! Before this, many Malaysians travel to different country just to buy H&M , usually the Malaysians will travel to Singapore just to have the opportunity to shop at H&M. Sounds crazy? For H&M , it is never crazy because some people willing to queue on the 21st of September for the opening on the 22nd of September. Pheww, luckily I don't have to wait until the 22nd of September to get my hands on them! I was invited as a guest to the H&M pre-launch party on the 20th with many others well known celebrities, media, bloggers and fashionistas. 

I felt like a superstar when me and my friends walked towards H&M , all dressed up with 5 inch heels, tried to avoid the crazy crowd behind the dividers and up on the red carpet to get registered. It was a great entrance starting with Moet + DJ Goldfish & Blink + H&M clothes and accessories  = super awesome shopping party!

DJ Goldfish and Blink


At first, I thought of searching for familiar faces but after awhile, my fingers start lingering on the clothes and accessories.Too pretty to resist the temptation!


I met a few people like Hannie Hidayah, Grace (from TIC), Mike Yip, and Kelly Chin . After Kelly found me, she grab my arm to join her shopping spree and it was crazy! From 1 necklace to a dress with some accessories in my shopping bag (well done, EV). My feet was almost sore that can't barely walk but the shopping still must go on!

Shopping with high heels is not easy , especially have to go up and down 3 floors to look for a dress that I've 1st seen. I guess, that dress does not have fate with me , sobs. After few rounds, I just grab a few blacks and went straight to the fitting room. The fitting room is so huge with full of mirrors. ME GUSTA!

simple black dress from Divided by H&M

all of these for only RM 150 ! Awesome, not?

goodies from H&M , Anna Dello Russo Bag Tag + H&M Passport Case

Thanks H&M ! for the great party and gifts , xoxo

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  1. Glamorous and fun!!
    And all those for RM 150 is damn worth it :D