Hot 200 Issue Anniversary @ STAGE

The 200 Issue of Hot Magazines were celebrated at the STAGE , Avenue K. Other than celebrating the 200 issues, local celebrities were brought together to challenge in the battle of Game of Thrones (celebs version). The celebrities are Vendal, MTV VJ Holly, Mix FM DJ Charlenem Chelsia Ng, MTV VJ Rich, Kenny Sia and Liang. The night was so full of glam hosted by Shelah known himher-self as "darling of the Airwaves".

As what I said that the night was glamorous. Yes, we were all been DRAG that night to follow the theme "Glam Funk". Even if we were not really following the theme, they provided props to DRAG us.

Kelly from MissSunshine
My partner said she wanted to dress like "Lady - Gagak" . At first, I thought she wanted to dress like Lady Gaga. Haha


This is "Me" - dress from Berska, necklace from TOPSHOP, shoe from Noes

Hope I don't scare anyone off with my feathers . *wink* I felt like a "star" for a moment until they De-drag me. Huhu

every guest received a copy of HOT Magazine
After the fun outside the entrance, we adjourned inside to get the party started! Many displays were on ground such as Anna Sui and Storm Watchers.

We were served with buffet and Apple Cider Drink from Somersby. Surprisingly , I fall in love with that apple cider drink. It's sweet and no much alcohol.

woots! the Hot 200 party!!

Shelah - The host of the night cracking some jokes
So there's Battle of The Celebrities going on stage . This is the time Shelah brought all the celebs on stage for a fun activity. The celebs were split into 2 groups. The challenges they gone through such as trivia, "apple game" and lastly a dress up game.

Vendal, MTV VJ Holly, Mix FM DJ Charlene, Chelsia Ng, MTV VJ Rich, Kenny Sia , Liang and Amber Chia

Mix Fm Charlene
After the trivia session, they pull out a game where the celebrities have to partner and "stick together" in place to hold the apple in between any part of their body.

It was so crazy that the Kenny Sia group doing some acrobatics just to hold that apple. This group is very entertaining!

Last challenge! Each group were given props to dress-up on of their model and do a catwalk.

well, not so easy ............ they were also asked to perform a sexy dance in-front of us. Damn right!

Kenny Sia is known for his silly dance move ala the wiggy LMFAO style. Proud that he is the winner!

After all the HOT entertainment , Dr. Philip Ng gave a short speech and introduction on their new apps that is coming soon.

It takes so much to do all 3 challenges and they have round up the score to pick the winning group. Group B which is Holly, Amber Chia , Liang and Kenny Sia took home wonderful prizes from Hot Magazine and sponsors.

The Looser Group took home silly sponge bob square pants pushies and some goodies too! It's not bad after all. =)

Mei Ann (editor for Hot Magazine)

Finally !!! This is what the celebration all about! The 200th issues of Hot Magazine.

Shelah rewarded for the most gorgeous of the night

Hyacinthe Kaur and Me
It was a very entertaining crowd and event.
The night ended with a yumcha session with my fellow bloggers friends.

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  1. wow! what a nice event there! wish i have a chance to attend events like this! by the way, i freaking love your necklace!! =P