Hey Mickey!

A childhood memories by Disney were bring back to life exhibiting at 2 shopping malls which is Midvalley Megamall and Pavilion, Malaysia. At Midvalley , there have showcase of mickey figurines designed by design students from various college. GIORDANO brings the hype by launching a limited time collection of Mickey Mouse apparel.

Mickey Mouse is a cartoon character created in 1928 by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks at The Walt Disney Studio.[3] Mickey is an anthropomorphic black mouse and typically wears red shorts, large yellow shoes, and white gloves. Mickey typically appears alongside his girlfriend Minnie Mouse, his pet dog Pluto, his friends Horace Horsecollar, Donald Duck, and Goofy, and his nemesis Pete among others (see Mickey Mouse universe).- wikipedia

Do you know that I'm a fan of Disney Mickey Merchandise? I have from bed, tumbler, charms, stationary, tee, etc ... Actually I have been living with Mickey since I was a kid. And, I still remember the time my family brought me to Disney On Ice show (forgot where). They know how much I love Mickey and they recently bought me a mickey wizard hat from Disneyland,Florida. *stunt*


To win yourself an original Mickey Tee from Disney, you just need to:
1) Follow my blog on GoogleFriendsConnect
2) Describe Mickey in your own words (refer to the sentence I paste from wiki at top of this post)
3) Leave your details eg: Name and email address

The most creative answer will win home this fabulous tee! (ends 28 June, 10pm)

To win yourself a pack of 4 limited edition notebook from Disney, you just need to:
1) Follow my twitter at " @yenniedoll "on
2) The 1st 12 to RT the announcement to be announce at 1pm onwards, 27 June (Weds) wins.

This contest only for Malaysia or Singapore Readers.



"Xue Ren - Mickey is just the way Mickey is - playful, faithful, cheerful, the one and only, the irreplaceable one. :) " for winning the awesome cute "It Started With A Mouse" Tee!
Mickey is the Irreplaceable one that no other character can replace Mickey


The 12th person to RT , Jq Lee for winning a set of "Mickey" Notebook

For others who didn't win, it's not the end yet! There's more to come, look up for another giveaway next week! hint: what product a girl can't live without? Stay tune.


  1. hi..

    ady join ur contest..

    twitter : @syu90

    done RT ur tweet..

  2. followed u both ....ur blog n twitter...
    my mail:chowyinyin7@hotmail.my

    You never stop loving MICKEY!

    1. Thanks for participating, good luck! :)

  3. follow ur blog n twitter

    Mickey is the cutest and handsome mouse in town with beautiful attitudes in his own way

    1. Thanks for participating, good luck!:)

  4. heyyy. i want the notebook but too bad it only applies to twitter!
    and i already didnt use for a long time. =( sigh

    anyway.. Mickey is part of everyone's childhood memory and everyone just crazy in love with a mouse! hahaha

    1. awww . U must activate your twitter! ^_^

      Thanks for participating

  5. Aww... too bad I'm not from Malaysia/Signapore...
    Good luck to the contestants!! :))

  6. Mickey is just the way Mickey is - playful, faithful, cheerful, the one and only, the irreplaceable one. :)

    Name : Tan Xue Ren aka Sharon aka Alientan
    Email add : sharon_1193@hotmail.com

    1. True! Mickey is the irreplaceable one! =)

      Thanks for participating, good luck!

  7. Mickey, th one that protect me against moi nightmare every night, th one that wipe off all moi tears when I was sad, th one that listens to all moi problems when theres nobody there for me. Mickey, he is a superhero and lies in every body's childhood memories ain't he? :D

    Good luck to other contestants too! & thank youuuu :3

    Name: Ng Keh Yian / Vivienne
    Email: vivienne93@gmail.com

    1. wow! So touching. =)

      I'm sure mickey always next to you

      Thanks for participating, good luck!

  8. Mickey is the sun that brighten up everyone's life with its big bright smile,big bright eyes and its bright personality!

    Name: Jocelyn Lum
    Email: jocelynlum@yahoo.com

    thank you:)
    I hope everyone enjoy joining this contest!

    1. mickey has bright features indeed

      Thanks for participating, good luck! :)

  9. OMG!! is that me - winner? *HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!* =D

  10. how cute! everbody loves Mickey Mouse :)