Big Surprise at Madagascar Screening

I had been invited by my boyfriend to watch the premiere of Madagascar3 by Churp Churp which is under Nuffnang. Yes, that is my boyfriend and we are going to celebrate our anniversary soon. By the way, June is a BIG month for me because IT's MY BIRTHDAY this coming FRIDAY!! woohooo. Talking about birthday, there's another gemini in town from Nuffnang and he is the founder of Nuffnang, Timothy Tiah. Yeap, the infamous Meme proposal to Audrey (4 feet 9). They are such a cute couple.

Me and Bern with the Naughty Penguin

To read the review of the movie , please go to Bern Movie Blog. I really enjoy the movie but maybe because my imagination not wild enough so the feel of the circus looks slightly unrealistic. My favorite scene is when they bought over the circus and the amazing tiger who can go through a tiny ring *troll.jpeg*

Bern trying his luck on Madagascar Pop Quiz and won a car sticker

The screening ended with pop quiz and a BIG SURPRISE BIRTHDAY celebration for Timothy.

The Happy Tim
Nuffies and Audrey gathered in front with gifts and balloon. Then , we(a bunch of bloggers) sang "Happy Birthday" to founder Timothy Tiah.

Creative Invitation Card

Now time to do the *drumrolls*



  1. The invitation card is real pretty! :)

  2. I like Madagascar 3. Watch in 3D lagi awesome!

    1. Oh yeah, I guess the part when they show the Neon Circus, maybe 3D would have more feel to that scene.

  3. Happy birthday in advance!! =D