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Have you ever thought when there's too many clothes in the wardrobe until it looks like a library?Or what about the abandons goods? I love to buy pretty stuff at the malls because it gives me some motivation or lets say shopping therapy but at the end of the day , dreamland becomes reality when I can't fit in them YET I buy it. Okay, it almost sounds like a confession of a shopaholic.

So, I have come across this site which is super fantastic with a CLICK and it's FREEEEEE!

The best part is when I don't need to have any knowledge of how to create a cart, else the book for dummies will be waiting for me.

Go to http://www.friendlyfashion.my

You will immediately see the available preloves goods on the site.
Don't worry if you are a "batang" , men are allowed too. No sexist.
To be surprise, most items are below RM100!

To start of your mini prelove shop, you will need to register first.
There is just a simple form to fill and Woala, you are done and ready to shop or sell your goods!

visit my shop http://www.friendlyfashion.my/members/984

after you register, you will then create your profile page that looks like mine.
If you have notice. I am currently selling 5 items at FriendlyFashion.
At FriendlyFashion, you also can keep track of your favorite vendor or interested buyer.

product page

This is a VERY special item that I am selling it now and really want to let it go because I could not wear it and it's really sad looking at a nice item in the box.

The page look so professional but it is actually very easy to insert the items to the site.

So what do you think? Great? Awesome? Too much info? 
Start selling, Swapping or become the new owner for the abandon items!

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