SNIPS Hairshow + SCCA Academy Launch

SNIPS Hairshow was the last show that I attended after Poney Kidswear. SNIPS were showcasing contemporary garments designed by young fashion designers and hairstyle styled by SNIPS. SNIPS is one of the hair saloon / academy that provides service like makeup and hairstyling. SNIPS also launched a fashion and design academy which is called SCCA, at zebra square. They provide courses like Islamic Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Fashion Event Organizing, Fashion Photography, Islamic Fashion and Fashion Styling.

In between the show SUKI from One of the Million singing competition performed some songs.

I like the back of the blue and white dress

There were many extreme hairdo's during the show
Pompadour hairstyle was featured that night.
Pompadour were trended in the rococo period.

So here is my friend Qing ,shining under the limelight. I am very proud of her. *claps*

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  1. Lovely clothes! Your friend is talented. :)