Poney Kidswear F/W Fashion Show

The last day of MIFW'11 was very blissful day for the team as we were enjoying our-self looking at , kids. Kids were so much better than handling diva's. I know sometimes kids can be annoying but not for this one because PONEY know's what makes kids happy. Inflatable playground were installed at the event. There's 2 designs of it.There's not much job for us that day so we attended like a guest.

PONEY kidswear introduce their Fall / Winter 2011 - 2012 with a performance by cheerleaders and an infamous Malaysian singer or let's say a comeback Ning Baizura!

Ning Baizura also performed for the Tri-Glam Factor Night for Help university fashion event. I heard that she is going to have a concert and she is promoting her latest album. While this song bird sang a very beautiful song ,yet to mention her vocal is extremely powerful, a small girl handed her a bouquet of flower on stage.

Here are some shot's that i took during the fashion show. The Autumn and Fall collection is inspired by Parisian fashion. The classic look of it makes the kids look so belle.Ohh so cute!

The colors range from nude brown , grey , black, red and light pink.

Red is the best color of all.
I'm liking this red piece , it reminds me of this one french cartoon character ... Hmmm

The show ended and all guest were called to go to have some tea at the after party

The after party for kids! Say hooray !! Well not only for kids, it's for everybody. They have lot's of food, drinks, cupcakes, party packs, cotton candy (candy floss) , popcorn, clown and balloons. This sounds fantastic ain't it? You never know how big my smile was during that evening. It just feels like a kid again. Teehee.


  1. looks weird that the girl is so much taller than the guy! haha. but i really never know theres fashion show for kids wear!

    1. The small girl should wear heels i guess. hehe. Yeah, There are fashion show for kids worldwide.

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