Blythe Doll can haz D.I.Y clothing

My visit to Kinokuniya is for 2 things , find japanese D.I.Y or fashion magazine.
 I love to look at the pretty pictures / illustrations despite don't know how to read Japanese. *sulk*
Nowadays because of the demand of readers who love reading and follow Japanese fashion, there are few Japanese magazine which are translate into Bahasa Malaysia and English , eg : Ray and SCawaii . 
For the 1st time ever, I bought SCawaii in Malay! I guess that is the only Bahasa magazine i buy in my entire life. Ok .... *this is so out of topic*, Back to topic. I spotted this cute little book about making clothing for BLYTHE Dolls! Feels like want to get my hand on it ... Oops, correction .. I want to OWN it. Problem is I don't have a Blythe doll. *sobs*. This guide book provide instruction on how to make and also the master plan , so that you can trace it out and SEW. simple as that. Each book is selling at RM 80+ .