O , Hail Victory! 2nd Graduation @ Raffles

Hello by a busy woman , that's me! Oh well, i was pretty busy with my fellow group members for 24 hours per day , everyday. I even skip and ignore all events invitation just to focus on this major project which brought me to life changing experience. I finally graduated , well not only graduated but we graduated with a prize for best group project award ! All those hardwork , arguments , heart breaks, errands , body pains , and so many things going on everyday , be it good or bad. We manage to face all those obstacles and come together as a group. We once fail really bad and luckily we are strong to face our mistakes and search for guidance and help from people around us. Thanks so much to those who helped us and gave us motivation.

our booth - the brand AICHA
AICHA is a designer brand which the clothing design by Aisya herself.

I made those garment tags.
To me , every boutique must have a very informative garment tag for customers to understand more of the garment before purchasing it. 

As you see, we have lot's of colorful pleats.

Me , taking my scroll .

Emma , Me , Lara and Jose. 

Chew & Me

The winner for Fashion Design , best collection.

My groupmates , again.

The infamous "A' wall.

That's all for now. xoxo

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