Vandalism smash down Opera Hennessy Artistry

The 1st Hennessy Artistry of the year 2011 happened on the 30th of April at Opera Sunway !

I always had this so called no luck kinda thing which i had bad experience during my entrance.

My recall was during my 21st birthday when i fall down to my knees upon arriving...


Now, my heels casing ripped off

Lucky me , i was still in pyramid and manage to get a new heels on time ~

which cost around RM70

Thanks for the ride Issac Tan and Jfook for hiding me .

Interview with special guest

Interactive Photowall

Some game to win a bottle of Hennessy , ....

The venue was overly hot and there's not much cold air in between.

So I immediately went up to media lounge

felt glad that i met a bunch of people that i lost contact for a year

Nothing is better than a bottle of Hennessy on the table!

The event start

Kyoto Protocol.

I told that i was just waiting for Vandalism!

She finally appeared and i was so happy (^.^ v )

Her dressing is ike Gaga

I went mad and walk to the front stage!

took some really nice close up photo's


Vandalism kicking the stage off , she does rock Hennessy Artistry!

below are some party pictures ~~~~~

My friend Mike receive a cap from Vandalism.

best buddy Mike

Rebecca , groovy lady!

Who is this? Jacklyn gonna kill me! *run run*

It's Alex

Leng Lui Jess in da house

Jeremy aka bboyrice , Me and Li Chuen

Lovely girl , Samantha

She always reminds me of Marshmallow!


Here is the decent Mike picture. LOL

Anyway, Partay Like a Rockstar!

Jessy , Simon and Me

Ps: Apple is the best choice . =D

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