Korean BBQ @ Daorae

I guess that i fed you guys with too much fashion and events lately , so here is real food, at last! This is my 1st time ever trying Korean food. I heard that they eat kimchi everyday??? My mouth will burn like "pop pop" popping in my mouth. Me and my family went to Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant at Taipan , next to Old Town White Coffee. You gotta heads up because it is upstairs.

The workers are 100% Korean and they greet us when we land our 1st footstep in the restaurant.

The interior is like Japanese to me but we can put our legs in than kneeling down to our knee's

This is interesting because i have to eat with chopstick and spoon instead of using the spoon that is for soup.

Koreans eat lots of vegetable

Look at the amount of appetizer!!!!


kimchi story :

Me: The kimchi is very spicyyyyyyy! T_T
Waiter: You like kimchi?
Me: its spicy

*few minutes later*

He gave us EXTRA KIMCHIIIII .....

Hooorayyee ey? this is torturing ....

This is how Korean BBQ looks like, awesome right??
ok, i sound like a Jakun for Korean food.

The meat is soooo juicyyyyy .. love love it!

Me and my sis ordered ...

I mean accidentally ordered , KIMCHI FRIED RICE ....

see how much we love KIMCHI... wow.

The reason why we eat here is because it was to celebrate my sis birthday ,
so on her birthday we must or she must be very Gan Dong means you can see lots of

T_T emoticon around

This is complementary dish which is Korean Pancake

They said that is it Korean Roti Canai. LOL

Love the mask [i get attracted by fancy scary mask since i was a kid]

I think everyone should try it!

Rate : 9/10

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