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On the 22nd of Sept was really a tiring day for me. I had limited time of sleep because of econs exam and also my housemates Deby and Xiao Tien had graduation exhibition the next day. Deby is a Graphic Designer and Xiao Tien is a Fashion Designer in the house. Im a Multimedia, so i guess i work with anything? LOL. On the 23rd itself, i had to dress-up and rush to buy flowers. So i looks like a flower girl in the exam hall with roses on my side. Thanks to 2 pretty girls (Joselyne and Emma ) that help me alot during the day. The roses pee in my paper bag, so i had to buy a bag from Cotton On . It's really cheap tho.Rm 3 only. They also helped me carry the flowers and took some pictures for me. eg the group pic with my friends. We reach the entrance hall and i start taking pictures .....

The Graphic Design Booth area

Dummy Sheep is one of my fav booth among all.Simply because it's simple and nice. The character for the brand is too cute to resist.Can i buy those badges???? haha

I heard that he is an ex MIA student. Well, sounds true. His artwork are so artistic and you can tell that it's a designer work. His concept are from Freddy Krueger.

This is interesting because the design looks like kids drawing.

The floor is interesting with numbers that let you in!

more badgers

you gotta love this if you love orange juice ....

Fancy jigsaw eraser, can i buy???

My fav name card design for graphic

Deby Yogi cakehouse

Her cake is special because it has yogurt inside the cake.
Promoting healthy is so Deby...

This is her

.... and Cindy


My lecturer Augustine were there too...

Cindy , a interior designer.

Fashion Marketing Area

This is the only FM booth that i like. >_< don't whack me .
I love bagssss, fancy bagssss. it really attract me. hehe

Fashion Design

The 3rd one won the show

Guess which is my roommates design???

The answer is the purple one.

Anyway, she is looking for a job as a fashion designer now.

(sorry i don't have the pic of the fashion show but i only have the video of Xiao Tien collection)

Deby, Monthi , Xiao Tien and Me

Lace-up booties from Voir is loveeeeeee.

After the graduation and the next day we went to KTV .
Had fun with Deby and Xiao Tien during the night.

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