Roisin Murphy says that Lady Gaga Stole her LOOK?

PO - PO - PO
ma mah ma mah

Picture above taken from yahoo music blog

Hooray, im in subang now with my laptop. 1st page when i open my browser is yahoo page. I was so curious when i read this title "Lady Gaga Vs. Roisin Murphy - Spot The Difference"..and i open the page to read the article and also spot the difference between them. My expression was like, WHAT?! Does fashion style or look can be copyrighted? why is this singer ( i don't even know her!) complaining about the infamous Lady Gaga trying to imitate her?

"according to Murphy herself, who told Irish Central: "Lady Gaga is just a poor imitation of me. She has copied my style."

To me, there is nothing wrong to copy someones look.She should be glad for lady gaga to love her look NOT to be jealous. Maybe she is jealous over lady gaga's popularity. People been using lady Gaga as their fashion icon nowadays. Plus, her music beats the beat in the club.

what do you think?
Is it legal or illegal to copy someones look?

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